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Dog's Portrait

AussieMikes would be happy to help you install the perfect doggy door for your needs.

AussieMikes delivers and installs simple, yet robust pet doors — providing customers with 10 years of door and window installation expertise. Aussie Mike guarantees his work for complete customer satisfaction.

Watch the video below to begin your Pet Door journey.

All-Weather Pet Doors

We believe in providing our customers with a simple, yet durable pet door. The number one pet door we provide is adaptable in all-weather. This door is perfect for extreme climates. 


The Extreme Weather Pet Door protects your home from extreme temperatures while giving your beloved pet the freedom to come and go. This durable door, with a 3-flap system, delivers 3 and a half times more energy efficiency to your home, versus a standard single-flap system.

You can get started with us installing your hassle-free pet door by contacting Aussie Mike.

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